Architecture can be said to be both the process and the outcome of assembling, setting up, and developing structures or some other structures. Architectural works, in the material type of structures, are frequently seen as social images and as masterpieces. Recorded developments are regularly related to their enduring structural accomplishments.

 Architecture can mean:

§ A general term to portray structures and other physical structures.

§ The craftsmanship and study of planning structures and (a few) nonbuilding structures.

§ The style of plan and strategy for development of structures and other physical structures.

§ A bringing together or cognizant structure or structure.

§ Information of craftsmanship, science, innovation, and humanity.

StonebuiltGC Architechure design


The plan action of the architect, from the full scale level (urban structure, scene engineering) to the smaller scale level (development subtleties and furniture). The act of the planner, where engineering means offering or rendering proficient administrations regarding the structure and development of structures, or manufactured conditions.

There is a ton of detail that goes into structuring a building venture. Each progression of the undertaking is deliberately considered for security and everyday solace, we call this stream. What is compositional plan? Furthermore, what is associated with the plan procedure.

 Defination of Architectural Design?

 Compositional plan is an idea that spotlights on parts or components of a structure. An engineer is commonly the one accountable for the compositional structure. They work with space and components to make an intelligible and useful structure

Architectural design Can be defined as the Idea that spotlights on the segments or components of a structure or framework and bringing them together into a rational and utilitarian entire, as per a specific methodology in accomplishing the objective(s) under the given imperatives or constraints. Modelers sit at a junction of workmanship, science, innovation and natural mindfulness. Through the act of engineering, modelers can impact the look and feel of the assembled condition, to advance lives physically, mentally and profoundly.

 Why Architecture

 By gathering the most astounding measures of training,Architects leave a positive heritage for who and what is to come. Planners devise the manners in which our structures and urban spaces fit into the open domain.

It is an incredible test, however architecture and design , catalyzed by new advances and development, and with social mindfulness and a solid feeling of conviction, are preferably put to improve the manner in which we live later on. Living or working in a well-planned structure can change the manner in which we think and feel; it can move, elevate, unite us in new ways and advance prosperity.

 Extraordinary architectural accomplishes more than essentially meet its brief. It works in association with the scene, upgrading our energy about the physical condition it possesses.


Stonebuilt global concept is a construction and architectural design company based in Abuja, Nigeria. The company was incorporated in 2009 and specializes in construction of buildings and engineering services


 We provide a full range of high quality and competitively priced services to clients throughout Nigeria. Our clients include government, private & multinational corporations. Our expertise covers housing, commercial, industrial and public buildings, engineering works, and other utilities.


 Our capability to provide quality services results entirely from the ability and dedication of our experienced staff, which include Architects, Builders, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Draftsmen, Technical, Accounting, Administrative and Secretarial Staff.



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